Saturday, 30 August 2014

8th – 10th August - Days 1 - 2; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Great news at check in at LHR we were upgraded to business class, and enjoyed the experience on my first flight in n Airbus A380. The flight Took a little detour around Ukraine and the Crimea, and what Eventually 40 minutes late into KL. We were through immigration and customs pretty Quickly, and on our way into the KL within the hour, arriving at the Traders Hotel around 8 pm local time. Along the way there had been plenty of Mynah Birds and Palm Swifts, and in one place a raptor did what looking to prey on the swifts, much in the way of a Bat Hawk. Our hotel room had incredible views of the Petronas Towers looking like something form a Sci Fi movie, you expected to see pods flying around it just like in The Fifth Element.

The scene was amazing, and we made out way to the Sky Bar for more, and probably too much more of something else too.

Tomorrow we look to explore the city and all it has, Should be interesting 

The sun rose just after 7:00 and the Petronas Towers werewolf changed from a sci fi wonder back into a commercial building. As the sun came up Palm Swifts wheeled around the buildings and in between the towers and at oriole flew across the view just below our window.

In the grounds below the hotel, early morning risers either ran or walked their way through the paths. Today was to be about sight seeing in this Asian metropolis, but there will always be the chance of some wildlife somewhere. 

At first the intention was to walk around the city, but when the concierge laughed at us when we said so we decided to pick up the "hop on hop off" the bus, which took us around the city, We decided to sit in the open area , Which was ok when the bus was moving, but when it stopped it suddenly became very hot.

The bus route took  us through the different parts of the city, China town, Little India, and many skyscrapers

There was also an infatuation with the mass transit stations, and we were informed that the central station built by the British had been replaced by a new station.

We finally got off at the KL Bird Park, the world's largest free flying aviary.  We bought our tickets and entered to be greeted by Yellow-billed Storks and Cattle Egrets.  These were the main free flying birds we saw, with a few Pied Imperial Pigeons.  The intention of going to the park was to get the chance to see local birds, but there were not that many.  However we did get the chance to spend some time with Cockatoos and Parrots, some of which were especially beautiful, and attentive.

This is the Red Lory

And these are Rainbow Parakeets drinking milk!

And of course who can resist the Cockatoos? This is a Sulphur-crested.

This one the large Palm Cockatoo

I was also able to get quite close to a Cattle Egret and to see the binocular vision they have which makes them so good at stalking prey.

The Western Victorian Pigeons were also quite spectacular, about the size of a turkey, their head feathers were amazing.

Leaving the park, we "hopped" back on the bus and were treated to more views of the city.  

We "hopped" off the bus at the Petronas Towers for some close up, spectacular views 

By now the weather was changing, the skies were darkening so we went inside to the mall for a coffee and a walk about in the air conditioning.

Leaving the mall, we crossed the park to our hotel, but the rain started and we had to dash across the park.  We spent the rest of what was left of the afternoon in the Sky Bar, watching the rain drift away, the sun return, and then the clouds build up once again.  All the time the view of the towers changing.  As the sunset the sky became orange creating yet another different panorama of the Towers before night falls and the lights go on.

After dinner we returned to the Sky bar, but all good intentions of at early night just disappeared out of the window.

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